Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Color Purple

Not the movie, funny.  I find that so far this week all of my projects have involved the color purple.  Plum, wisteria, violet, lavender, lilac, heliotrope, whatever the shade I think I have touched it.  I guess the new year is pointing me in a new color direction.  Truth be told I have never been a fan of purple, I'm not sure why, but that was another blog post...

Maybe this little shot of additional color is a push to be inspired like it did my previous post.  I have noticed that I have been neglecting the blogoshpere and my attitude towards it.  Looking back on past blogs I noticed a few trends. 

1. I doubled the number of blogs I post per year, every year, since my first year blogging in 2009.

2. I have been using this blog to share completed orders and projects, and the odd cupcake or cookie photo. However nothing I have shared has truly been inspiring or truly part of my life or myself.

3. I was not entertained, educated, or truly inspired by any photo, project or post written on this blog.

As someone guilty of posting without really trying I would like to take a minute to say..."ooops!"

So I, like many other people posting "stuff" on the interweb at the beginning of the year, call them resolutions if you like, I am trying something new.

This year I hope to bring tutorials, process photos, and true stories about my projects and the little bit of imagination I am trying to share with this world.  At least this can be a place I find my imagination and have the chance to share it.  Everyone loves show and tell, but this time I would like to start telling and not just showing.  So instead of cramming all of the projects I have been working on this week into one post I plan to share them all one by one.  A highlight of items is no longer needed, no longer an afterthought, a true idea.  So here goes... I hope someone listens.

My first touch of purple this week is brought to you by Wisteria:

A few days ago I was contacted on Ravelry, a knitting community, about selling some of my stashed yarn... A first for me. 

I love to use Ravelry, its a great place to keep track of your yarn online.  I can store all of my yarn's information, how much it cost, where I bought it,  dye lot, color, and amounts.  Knitters tend to call this stock of yarn a 'stash'.  Yes, yarn can be like crack for some. 

Well I was approached by a very nice lady who started a hat and scarf and wanted to add a set of mittens and ran out of yarn.  She was able to enter in the name and dye lot/color information and found me.  I was lucky enough to pick this up at Webs last April.  I have used this wisteria colored yarn on cupcake hats and plan a toddler sweater at some point.  I was happy to share with a fellow knitter, good karma helps the world go round. right?

So this little skein is wrapped up and ready to ship at the end of the week with the rest of my orders.  Check back for the next color purple and process photos... lantern mobiles!

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