Saturday, August 9, 2014

Working for myself today

Today, a friend told me that he used to read my blog from time to time.  I realized today, I used to write a blog. 

I took some time to think about it and thought about why I haven't been writing:
Some days I don't write because it's scary to open back up the the world. What do I say?
Some days I don't write because I don't have time to brush my teeth let alone write about a project I haven't had time to start yet. 

Today, I am between gigs and have the first "vacation" I've had in a long time.  By vacation I mean I am unemployed.  I am updating resumes, going on interviews and trying to get any work I can find.

BUT... Guess what... I have time...

So, for now I'm going to make things.  I've been building mobiles for months as orders come in. However, I've had no time to develop new work. I miss art in so many ways. I think I'll branch back out a bit. 

Today. I painted.