Friday, April 27, 2012

Only one post this month... I've been busy

Everyday I go to bed thinking... "oh crap!  I didn't finish my blog post!"  Then I go to bed, I wake up in the morning to a new order from Etsy and I go about my day.  Then during naptime I get started on the order and work until the kids wake up.  Speaking of kids, I've also been taking care of a couple of kids during the weekdays to help out friends in need.  We go to the park and/or walk and spend as much time outside as possible.  Then suddenly it's the end of the day and I still haven't written my blog post.  Who am I to complain, an order is an order, no matter how big or small.  At least I am lucky enough to have a fabulous place to work everyday... if I do say so myself!  I even have a great place for yoga in the mornings!

A month ago I posted photos of the new wall in the dining room, well that was the smallest project from the week.  This room may have been my favorite.  With about $250, a day of my wonderful husband's free time, and a few coats of paint I was able to transform my dark, work room into a sun filled studio.  I'm still looking for a few key items: a vintage clothing rack and a large armoire or sideboard for all of the finished "for Sale" items.  But I feel those will pop up one day on the side of the road or at an amazing tag sale.  I'll keep you posted when I find them.

I started with a few coats of simple stone grey paint from home depot, Behr brand.  I like using paint with a built in primer.  Costs around $35, but I only needed one can of paint.  Then I found a great and reasonably inexpensive flooring at Ikea,  It is laminate, super easy to clean and gives a great beach vibe.  The room has a new life to it, much better than the black and grey carpet squares and tan paint.  Since the room is at the back of the house I needed to find a way to bring in some natural light.  I basically turned my studio into a huge light box!

I also did a bit of reorganizing.  I used to hold all my tools and trimmings in these metal pails I ordered from Burton & Burton for my wedding.  They have been super handy, but I figured I was wasting a lot of valuable space in my little room.  I also sacrificed the pails and a table to add in a little sitting area, I do have to admit sitting in my little chair and typing this afternoon has been lovely.  Below is a quick picture of what the room looked like before.  I have to admit a few little things make a big difference.


The floor as made clean up easier and the room seems to attract good vibes, maybe its the fact that all of the little ones that spend so much time at my house just love this room.  They point at the mobiles and we practice our colors.  I have been working on a few tea sets and crochet rugs, but those are for another post.  With my days being so busy I hope I get a chance to take some time out in the next few weeks and spend a little bit of time sharing my projects and inspirations.  Sorry about the delay, I'll gear up for the next show and tell!