Thursday, July 7, 2011

Back in Business!

This last week marked the end of the Arts & Ideas Festival and the Start of Summer Vacation.  This week started with a bang!  In one day I made a 4 layer cake filled with jam and frosting; closely followed by 3 hours in the studio.  Have I mentioned that I have a wonderful husband... who likes cake.

My niece Lila turns 2 in just a few days and I decided she needed a fun play skirt.  I started with 2 colors of tulle, light and dark pink then I added the ribbons.  I made it adjustable so she can wear it for years to come.  I have to say for my first attempt it turned out as well as I expected.  It was a surprisingly quick and enjoyable project.  I'm thinking of adding something like this to my website...

Moving on to... Babies!
About a month ago my cousin her second little boy, so I made him a tag blanket.  Every little boy needs monsters to love.

Speaking of Babies... A Friend of mine is expecting a second little girl any day now.  Her daughter just turned 3 and they were wonderful when I had Max.  So this new little girl will get her very own brand new unused burp cloths. 

This week my family and I have traveled to Maine to visit family. This week we are at "Camp", no Internet, unless I can get a bar on my phone here and there.  Today we decided to run some errands and stop at the  This is quite an awesome place.  I get to sit in a wonderful sitting room, listening to great music, with my laptop and a Mixed Berry Smoothie while Charlie and Max run an errand. 

This weekend we have a birthday party then we travel to Islesboro, a small island off the coast near Camden.  I think a trip or two to the community center will be in order so I can use their WiFi to share the little things I'll make over the next few days to come.

My hands are working fast on new items for my Etsy Page... more items coming soon.  Don't forget to check the store this fall for a series of brand new items.