Thursday, September 18, 2014

I guess it's time...

HALLOWEEN is right around the corner!

I took last year off completely from making costumes.  This year I think I can bring them back.  So, for all you lovers of Halloween, I have uploaded all of my Halloween costumes, hats, and accessories to the shop!

Some old stuff, some new.  Mostly old.  There was that year when Max was 14 months old and I made him too many costumes.

Max is now 4 and that pumpkin costume has had a few changes, and I have been able to incorporate some tricks into a better fit costume.  Every year Max always says he wants to be a ghost...  It's always the first option.  I'm glad he loves my costumes.  I made them all for him.  Now I get to make them for other kids.  I hope they love them as much as he does.

This year max asked for a rocket pack, because that's what I made him last year.  He loved it.  So last night I started a new costume.  There are some pieces and parts on the table.  Guess I should put them together before he gets home from school.

Stop by the shop to see new items as they come out!

PS.... I have tons of new stuff coming out everyday!

Up next.... the rocket pack!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Did you know I was a painter?

A very long time ago, I was a painter.

I went to college as an Art and Theater Double Major.  I went through 2 years, taking only major courses during the school year.  I spent summers taking general education courses in order to be able to take double course loads during the school year.

I found the Art world in college hard, I couldn't find inspiration as easily as I did in high school.  I found that I compared every piece of work I ever made to everyone else's.  Was I good enough?  Did I have an opinion?  Did I have talent?  Could I make a living?

At the end of my sophomore year, I was told by my advisers that I had to drop a major.  So, I chose Theater.  I could always paint in theater, right?  Little did I know there was a huge difference.

When I stopped making paintings, I stopped making visual art.

I started making crafts a few years back.  These crafts have served me well and get me some attention, but crafts aren't the same as art.  Art is never the same to anyone, I just know there was a bit of a  difference in what I used to make compared to what I could make.

So bringing back some 'Art'.

My favorite piece.  It took some time, but I love it.  More to come, check out my Etsy shop for more!