Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Hello 2019!

Here is to the start of a New Year and a New Book!

The New Year marks the start of a New Bullet Journal.  This time 100% Digital.  As per last year’s first journal entry, it’s time to set my Goals for 2019.

Thank you to my parents for my wonderful Christmas Gift!  I am now the proud user of an iPad Pro and Apple Pen, which have improved my journaling 100%!  I spent every spare second I had over winter break creating a brand new Digital Planner/Bullet Journal.  My son, the 8 year old, saw me writing and asked to try it out.  He created his own coloring book, which I was able to add to his 2nd gen iPad, and he is using my old pen, though he says the apple pen is much nicer.  He has created several pages in is goodnotes book, and loves the chance to use mine when possible.

Looking back at last year’s Goal Layout, I have kept some things the same.  Though this year I’m going to try to keep things simple.  Scale back a bit, and keep the things that make me happy.

Happy New Year!