So... A little bit about me:

I am a mother, searching for her own voice, raising a wonderful little boy.  I have always been an artist, I found the best way to use my art was in the World of Theater.  After a decade working professionally it was time to start a family.

In 2010 I took a break from the theater world and became a mom to an amazing little boy named Max.  I was able to stay home for the first few years of his life, which also afforded me some free time.  So in 2010, I took my last paycheck and opened shop.  An Etsy shop to be more exact.  I had been encouraged by friends and family after they saw the imaginative world I  was creating for my son, mobiles for his nursery, knitting projects, and anything else I could imagine.

Pretty soon I had sold my first mobile, and from there things have taken off.  I'm back to work full time. Working everyday making art and sharing that world with kids.  I currently work for the Historic Shubert Theater, as the Education & Outreach Assistant.  This position comes with a placement within Cooperative Arts & Humanities High School in Downtown New Haven.  A Magnet Arts School, I am able to share my skills and energy teaching students that you CAN make a living and work in the Arts.

So, this website/blog is where I share my world, where I try to make dreams into reality.  We live in a bright world and it's my job to share it! All dreams are important, working hard does pay off, and I want to share all of my hard work with you!

You can find me all types of places.

Convo me on ETSY: janiegirlcrafts
Facebook: janiegirlcrafts
Instagram: janiegirlcrafts
email: janie@janiegirlcrafts.com

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