Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Speaking of Firsts!

All of the success from my paper lantern mobiles is all in thanks to my son, for inspiration.

When I was about 8 months pregnant the nesting bug hit me hard.  I wanted to make this safe little spot for my little boy.  I ordered a few paper lanterns and cables and threw together a lantern mobile.  There were some glitches, but it was unique, just like my little guy.  After a couple of months visitors would stop by and comment on my mobile.  When I said I had made it, their ears perked up.  It just so happens a friend of mine was expecting her own little boy.  So I made a custom mobile in just the right colors to match her nursery.  Low and behold I threw some pictures up on Etsy.  I had just started a store front selling knit cupcake hats.  Well, 3 months later I had my first mobile order, not to a friend, a complete stranger!

I decided to make up some new designs and add some colors, and the orders kept rolling in.  I now offer a variety of designs, colors, and options, ie lit or non-lit.  I am currently participating in my first lantern mobile giveaway and I have several new designs to reveal in the next few months.

All thanks to Max and his first bedroom:  This room became my sanctuary, we played and laughed, and he started to grow up.
Well, as many know, my family just moved, and Max got a new room.  I had so much fun finding ways to use his old things, and a few new ones.  It came time to hang his mobile over the chair and I realized it wasn't as nice as the mobiles I have been making for others.  So I remade it.  I ordered some new parts and did some tweaking.  It looks similar, but is so much better.  Max likes it too.  We sit in his chair and read our books, and sometimes I look down to see him just staring at the glowing lights. 

This new item is now available in my shop.
Thank you Max.  I love you!


This week I am celebrating!  I am participating in my very first GIVEAWAY! CLick on the link to check it out!  The more you enter the better your chances to win your very own Custom Mobile!

 A Few Of My Favorite Things Lantern Giveaway!

The experience has been fantastic so far!  I never imagined my little lantern mobiles would be so popular!

With Halloween around the corner I have been working on lots of new ideas for next year, and a few for November!

Check back soon!