Tuesday, April 19, 2011

3 More Projects and 2 More Orders This Week

 I feel so accomplished, and it's only Tuesday! This weekend my wonderful husband took charge of baby Max along with the household chores which allowed me an afternoon in the Studio.  A few weeks ago my mom requested two custom block sets.  My mom has been looking for a set similar to the sets my brother and I had as children.  She requested colorful 3" square foam blocks.  She used to shove them into our diaper bags, I still have one.

Monday night my wonderful husband came home announcing the birth of a coworkers son.  He politely asked if I could make a gift set for the newborn baby and parents.  I had a great time whipping this set up.  I've had the Monster fabric since before Max was born and have been waiting to use it.  Unfortunately I have discovered that I am now out of yellow fabric.  I also became aware that my favorite two support fabrics, the blue filigree and the green polka-dots have dried up.  I only have a few small square pieces left.  I wonder what I can use them for next?  Any suggestions?
 Gift sets coming to ETSY this Summer! 

Easter is just around the corner and since I have been so busy making blocks for my niece and son, I figured I should make something for my other niece.  She came for a visit in February and I whipped up this hat, all except the ears.  She loved this hat and it was hard to get her to leave it.  So yesterday I added the bunny ears and this morning I mailed it.  I hope she loves it as much as she did before!  Some of you might be thinking; Silly Janie, don't you know it's spring and we don't need hats anymore?  Well my response is a girl always needs a hat... ad she lives in Maine!
This week I have had two orders for Gift Sets!  Hooray for babies!  One gender neutral set and one little girl set coming up.  Coming to ETSY soon.
3 Burp Cloths = $24.00
2 Burp Cloths & 1 Receiving Blanket + $30.00