Thursday, February 18, 2010

Many Many Projects

I have a lot of projects in progress right now! However I can't seem to get any of them finished. I am proud to day that I have several buckets of brand new yarn!
However, I don't really know what I will be making with all of this yarn! I have lots of great ideas, I'm just not quite sure where to start. Probably socks and baby gifts! I have started making lots of super cute baby items, maybe I will be a little bit more adventurous and make something super new and exciting.
Then I have decided that I am going to start making quilts! I have been inspired recently and I have decided to try my hand at making something special. There are several little ones in my life and I have decided that I would like to make one of them a quilt. I started this last weekend. Charlie went with me to help(carry) all of the fabric and to make sure I picked out pretty ones. I am very lucky to have a husband who likes my crafts! I was also lucky that I found this Bird patterned fabric as I was waiting at the cut table. I think it is perfect! I am going to cut out little pictures from the fabric and place them in a larger square of a brighter colored fabric.
I started with the back panel of the quilt, I think it has turned out beautifully! I found this bright floral paisley and I have to admit it changed the entire blanket! I had to change some of the fabric I had already picked out. I think I will add a blocked print name of the child, once I figure out who I will give it to.