Sunday, May 7, 2017


So, I've gotten a few questions from friends about my Organizer.  Well I found it from this amazing Instagram Post:  BabesWhoStudy Organizer Post

Who else geeks out over organization tools?  Maybe I really should have been a Stage Manager... or a teacher...

Admission:   I love School Supplies...

If they still made the real Trapper Keeper I would totally rock one.  You know the old school 3 ring notebook, with the chipboard in back.   I would even take the zipper version.  I found I was carrying around, pens, post its, a sketchbook, a few random markers and erasers, just like at the bottom of my purse.  Not the best option.

So while I was looking through bullet journal layouts I found this amazing Bullet Journal Maven.

She posted a few pictures of her organizer and I was hooked.  It's a little bit like that old school trapper keeper, just with way more pockets.  I can carry my iPad or my Macbook Air back and forth to school so much safer, and everything is in one place!  No need to have pens and highlighters in duplicates at home and work, just take it with me.  Without loosing anything or having a hard time remembering where I put it.  Just pile everything into my organizer and off I go.  The padding is excellent for my electronics, and the large pocket in the back can hold any paperwork that needs to travel with me.

I have a few stencils and rulers, and these awesome new Pastel Stabilo Boss Highlighters, they are my new fave.  I switch back and for between my Stabilo and Sharpie Accent Liquid Highlighters.  It's also waterproof, which was really helpful this week when my water bottle lid wasn't screwed on 100% and dribbled down the front, My bullet journal stayed dry!

The best part about this Organizer is that It was only about $20 and shipped Amazon Prime!  Bonus, not spending $100+ on anything.  So, check out this amazing organizer, I might have to look into their bags next.  This organizer is super solid, and I love the color I picked!  Check out MYGREENLIFE Organizer  I found it on Amazon for easy ordering.

Happy Journaling!