Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Well Today was a Busy Day!

Today was a lot of fun!  I was inspired! Here's a quick look at Little Girl Gift Sets!  

One Item coming soon to ETSY!  Guess which one?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

3 More Projects and 2 More Orders This Week

 I feel so accomplished, and it's only Tuesday! This weekend my wonderful husband took charge of baby Max along with the household chores which allowed me an afternoon in the Studio.  A few weeks ago my mom requested two custom block sets.  My mom has been looking for a set similar to the sets my brother and I had as children.  She requested colorful 3" square foam blocks.  She used to shove them into our diaper bags, I still have one.

Monday night my wonderful husband came home announcing the birth of a coworkers son.  He politely asked if I could make a gift set for the newborn baby and parents.  I had a great time whipping this set up.  I've had the Monster fabric since before Max was born and have been waiting to use it.  Unfortunately I have discovered that I am now out of yellow fabric.  I also became aware that my favorite two support fabrics, the blue filigree and the green polka-dots have dried up.  I only have a few small square pieces left.  I wonder what I can use them for next?  Any suggestions?
 Gift sets coming to ETSY this Summer! 

Easter is just around the corner and since I have been so busy making blocks for my niece and son, I figured I should make something for my other niece.  She came for a visit in February and I whipped up this hat, all except the ears.  She loved this hat and it was hard to get her to leave it.  So yesterday I added the bunny ears and this morning I mailed it.  I hope she loves it as much as she did before!  Some of you might be thinking; Silly Janie, don't you know it's spring and we don't need hats anymore?  Well my response is a girl always needs a hat... ad she lives in Maine!
This week I have had two orders for Gift Sets!  Hooray for babies!  One gender neutral set and one little girl set coming up.  Coming to ETSY soon.
3 Burp Cloths = $24.00
2 Burp Cloths & 1 Receiving Blanket + $30.00

Monday, April 11, 2011

I've been Busy!

Boy oh Boy has janiegirlcrafts been busy this month! I can't believe it's been over a month since I last posted.  Here's to playing catch  up!  It's funny, last month I was able to catch up with family.  Max and I flew to Iowa.  Then Charlie, Max and I drove to Florida.  It was wonderful to catch up with family and get recharged for spring and orders!
My Mother commissioned these soft blocks for my Niece.  They are 3"x3" and super chewable. My brother and I had a set when we were little. I think these are a great addition to an Easter basket.

Since Easter is coming up I decided to make these Egg Rattles.  They are soft and squishy and great for little hands.

Lighted Paper Lantern Mobile

Alphabet Art
 I was very excited to have two requests from some good friends.  They decided to add Lighted Paper Lantern Mobiles and Alphabet Art to their little boy's room.  I had some fabric left over from a quilt set I made for their baby shower. So Fun!

The Mobiles and Alphabet Art are Available on my ETSY site.  Hopefully I'll get some more items up soon.  Thanks for checking in!  I just received another order for a Paper Lantern Mobile and I need to make another Block set... off I go!