Thursday, July 6, 2017

Hello July!

Hello July!

July is my favorite month, because I help run a Summer camp.  I get to make art all day long, and show kids how to think outside the box and use their creativity to make something out of nothing.  More on that later.

July is my favorite month, it is also one of my busiest.  Besides Camp we have been working on several projects around the house and backyard.  We are not all work, though I really like accomplishing things.  July is also the month of summer music and concert season for my husband and I.  All this on top of regular family duties and responsibilities make July a wonderful and fun month.

To reflect all of this I changed my Monthly Layout to a much more simplified and streamlined look.

This month I decided to simplify my trackers from last month, realizing I was trying to track far too many things.  This month I will focus on what I need to track but not necessarily give 100% focus to tracking this month.  The trackers that remained are Yoga, Swim, Walk, Alcohol, Etsy, Journaling, Screen time, and Time out.  These trackers help me monitor how I may be doing emotionally/physically per day.  If I find I am anxious, upset, or unfocused there have been correlation to exercise or alcohol intake, paired with lack of journaling or creative expression.  So keeping an over view of these items has been helpful over the past few months and will remain.

When it comes to tracking my monthly calendar I find this page is left forgotten towards the end of the month as I use my weekly layouts to sustain my planning week by week.  So this month I really focused on upcoming events, dates, and concerts so I have just an overall plan, but not relying on storing additional information on these pages.

So far I'm 6 days into June and everything is working out nicely.  More on the new projects and weekly spread coming soon!

Happy Journaling!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Feature Photo!

Then there was that time I had one of my Monthly Layouts featured in:

I featured this layout in my June Monthly Layout Blog post.

This is an article about Bullet Journal and it's effects (proven or Not) on the writer in form of expression/therapy/mental wellness.  Check out more about the Writer:

Nicola Davis

Nicola Davis writes about science, technology and health for the Guardian and Observer and was commissioning editor for Observer Tech Monthly. Previously she worked for the Times and other publications. She has a MChem and DPhil in Organic Chemistry from the University of Oxford. Nicola also presents the Science Weekly podcast.

Practicing the Bullet Journal System has really made a difference in my mental wellness.  I am usually very busy, my motto:  "I only need 18 more hours today.... but no one else can have them...."

If I didn't have to sleep I would get so much done.  Alas, I'm not in school anymore (I didn't sleep along high school-college).  I have held several jobs at one time and always seem to put others needs above my own.  This week I fell behind in my journal and I have been in the weeds.  A wonderful night out with my husband on Sunday led to great fun, but cut into the time I usually spend riffling through the lists that roll over from week to week.  I have 7 calendars and emails to match, a 6 year old, a theater company, a home ETSY business, and some resemblance of a life....

Having a Layout selected for a Blog is an awesome reminder that I do good things and spending a little time working though my lists is good for me.

So, check back next week for a new Awesome Layout!

Happy Journaling!