Tuesday, June 5, 2018

It's June! It's Time!

Hey!   LOOK! It's June!  I'm going to have a baby this month!  Wait!  I'm having a baby tomorrow!

Since officially starting my maternity leave (yesterday) I have felt a huge amount of relief, and focus.  While the end of the performance season was wonderful and tiring.  Going to work everyday through the end of this pregnancy was the best choice for me.  I have felt powerful and content knowing that I can accomplish my job, while growing a small human.  When it comes to teaching students (specifically my senior girls) it became important for me to be an example of what a woman can do, in life and the workplace.  It doesn't' have to be a choice...

When I was pregnant with my son (7 years ago) I was discouraged with my profession.  I didn't just become a stay at home mom when Max was born, I decided to walk away from my dreams of working professionally in theater.  I had just begun working with Broadway designers, learning new tasks and taking on new responsibilities, and taking work very seriously.  Work was my priority, always placed ahead of my relationships.  I did not know how to set boundaries.  This caused issues in my life, that I still regret.

However, this time around I feel like I have finally found a balance, between work and home.  The most important part of my life is my family, and realizing this has been a life changing lesson.  Teaching my son responsibility, the love of learning, and to be kind has brought out the teacher in me.  My son has given me the opportunity to realize the world needs me, just maybe not in the way I originally thought.

I love being a mother, now I just happen to be more of a mom than I ever could have imagined.  Many of my students call me mom, I feed them, help them, and give them a safe space to come to when needed.  I try to teach them responsibility, the love of learning, and to be kind.... Maybe even that they can do these things through ART!

Being a working mom, while carrying a little girl is even more fulfilling.  Knowing that this little girl I will meet tomorrow, will have a strong woman to watch as she grows up, is even more powerful of a feeling.  I watched my mother and father work everyday while I was growing up.  From them I learned responsibility and to keep going, no matter what.  I thank them everyday for the lessons they taught me.

So, here's to tomorrow... The day is almost here... the future is female... my journal told me so!

Monday, June 4, 2018

A Year with a Bullet

One year ago I started to Bullet Journal...

As I begin to layout my 3rd volume (the start of my second year) I find I have grown in my abilities to organize thoughts and have found new ways to manage my time.  I have learned a few things about myself; I need help prioritizing and finding balance between work and life.  I have also found taking the time to layout each week brings a level of focus and intention to my days, where I am able to reflect on the week that has passed and prepare for the next.

The last 2 months have gotten away from me.  TODAY is the official start of my Maternity Leave and so far I feel like super mom!  I have gone to and made doctors appointments, collected forms, paid bills, budgeted for the month and now, will write this blog post.

Baby Girl is due to arrive Wednesday, and I am trying up as many loose ends while striving to move forward.  I don't think I'd be this calm if I didn't have a system in place for keeping my notes and thoughts in line.

 It's amazing to see how much a layout can change from Month to Month, Week to Week, and Year to Year.  Today I havev decided to feature a few of my layout changes over the past month.  Since I missed posting in April and May, due to super hectic work schedule and baby brain.  I think the changes have made me better organized.

Week to Week- May started out simple and I found I needed to track a bit more, but not spend more time in layout.

Looking back to previous month it was helpful to have my timeline written out, however I didn't need to track additional information, nor did I have the time this month for that layout...

So Simplify.   At the top of each day I broke out the day by appointment/task time.  This helped me keep track where I needed to be each day, without taking up too much space and time.

I usually enjoy using stickers and images in my layouts.  This month was packed with Doctor appointments, work assignments, baseball games, yoga, and more.  So time was sparse.

 I do love my monthly layout.  I've found a way to incorporate my work schedule and overall events into 2 quick layouts.  This overview really helps me focus on the month, I've stopped copying my work schedule, and instead scaled down the schedule I send to my boss.  It fits perfectly into my bullet journal pages.  As I'm now on my 3rd volume, I have found there are several layouts that I re-draw every layout. So, I'm starting to play around with creating some excel forms (because I love excel) that I can easily print off each month and reuse.  With a baby coming... I need to save some time...

One NEW LAYOUT I have really enjoyed is my Yoga Schedule Layout.  This month classes changed and I wanted to make the best use of my class cards.  I have been taking 2-4 yoga classes a week and find it a wonderful addition to my routine.  Sad that I will have the next month off, to recoup.  However, this last month having the schedule handy was super beneficial to finding a time to squeeze in a class.  PS- Favorite teachers are Kami and Doreen if your looking for a new class!

I've come a long way in a year!  Looking back to May of last year and the beginning of this process has been quite interesting.  If you would like to look back with me, feel free to check out these old posts...  May 2017 bullet journal layouts!

Saturday, March 31, 2018

March on by...

Spring has sprung and the days are getting longer, which means my days have gotten longer.

I have been working back to back 12-16 hour days, thanks to school concerts and events.  When they say March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, they mean the weather and not my schedule.  This month I hit the road running...  Which at 30 weeks pregnant is going as well as could be expected.  Sore feet and back at the end of the night, but at least I haven't completely lost my mind.

I found this month, by super simple weekly layout had to be developed a bit more.

To keep my daily schedules straight I broke out my day by the hour, which helped keep me in the right place.  I kept my task lists, and found that by the end of the month I was able to cut out the food planning/recording part.  I had been trying to track my food intake the past few weeks as I had my Gestational Diabetes test this month, and passed!  So, I figured I must be doing something right, and might not need to track through the rest of the pregnancy.

So next month I will cut out the food tracking part of my daily week.  I will most likely replace this section with upcoming baby needs.

I am reaching the end of my my second bullet journal, just got a new one and am excited to start some new layouts!

Hoping to have time to film a flip through or at least post a few of my favorite layouts from this working journal.... before the baby comes in June!

Happy Spring!  Here's to new beginnings!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The layout I loved!

Since February was the month of love, and today is the last day... I thought I would share the layout I have loved the most in my bullet journal, version 2.

My self-care layout has really evolved this time around,  I really enjoy my icons and color usage.  Bright colors always help pull me from whatever might be troubling me.  I find this page a great check in on the things I want and need for me.

Too often we, meaning I, get busy and forget to take care of myself...  It's something I hear from a lot of people, moms, wives, teachers, friends, and students a like.  We never have time to do the things that make us happy in a day; instead we are faced with what we have to do.

This is my daily reminder.  My mood tracker tends to change based on how much time I have during layout process.  Sometimes my mood tracker is placed in my weekly layouts, however at the end of 2017 I had a full 2 page spread designated to my self care layout.  I even tried to track my moods along with the moon cycle.  Though I have to say I did ok at the end of 2017.  Must be the pregnancy hormones...

I found that checking in on my self care list was important for my mental and physical health.  When the colors start turning cool in my tracker, I jump into my "improve your mood section".  

This section helps remind me to take the time to take the time for myself.  All of the activities listed are free of charge, no stress and no need to purchase any extra items.  

I find that physical activity definitely helps my mental well being.  I've been practicing yoga 3 days a week, swimming 2, and going for at least 1 hike/walk a week has really kept my spirits higher than usual.  Also, helped with my sleeping habits.  When the mind and the body are working, its easier for me to get through the day with a positive light.  

I find it's easier to wake up when the body has been used and the mind has rested.  Not too bad of a way to get through the winter bleakness.

However, when things get really dodgy and I'm feeling low or I just don't feel right about myself or the world there is an emergency flap.  Which lists all of the things that will definitely help me relax or lift my spirits.

However, they cost money....  so I try not to flip that flap too often... but $20 at Staples sure does buy some new bright colored washi tape and post-its!

I've also been able to splurge a bit the past few months and I get my nails painted every 3 weeks.  I'm very lucky a new nail salon opened in my neighborhood, offering 20% off!  To take an hour ever couple of weeks to focus on nothing has really been a special treat!

Try to make a list of things that make you happy... then check in when you find your feeling low...

It's a great place to start!