Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Hello 2019!

Here is to the start of a New Year and a New Book!

The New Year marks the start of a New Bullet Journal.  This time 100% Digital.  As per last year’s first journal entry, it’s time to set my Goals for 2019.

Thank you to my parents for my wonderful Christmas Gift!  I am now the proud user of an iPad Pro and Apple Pen, which have improved my journaling 100%!  I spent every spare second I had over winter break creating a brand new Digital Planner/Bullet Journal.  My son, the 8 year old, saw me writing and asked to try it out.  He created his own coloring book, which I was able to add to his 2nd gen iPad, and he is using my old pen, though he says the apple pen is much nicer.  He has created several pages in is goodnotes book, and loves the chance to use mine when possible.

Looking back at last year’s Goal Layout, I have kept some things the same.  Though this year I’m going to try to keep things simple.  Scale back a bit, and keep the things that make me happy.

Happy New Year!

Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 Wrap up!

Where did 2018 go?

Last I knew it was August.... and I was sailing into September.  

My goal for 2018: 1 blog post a week, I have to admit, that was a bit too adventurous.  Instead I settled on one blog post a month, which I was almost able to accomplish, minus April, and September, October, November...  

Having a newborn, starting back to work, and keeping up with the blog (and the rest of my activities) proved to be a bit too much.

So, I took a break... from the blog... but not from making, and not from my journal.

Last time we had a chat I was just diving into a Digital Bullet journal, which I loved.  I was able to cut down on how much I was carrying around with me, I didn’t need a ruler, or washi tape, and highlighters... don’t get me wrong, I still love all of my supplies and use them regularly, but didn’t feel the need to always use them.  I could make notes on my phone, iPad, and laptop with ease.  

I was also able to incorporate my work schedule, childcare pickup schedule, weekly recipes, grocery store trips, and more, without having to recreate, or print and tape into my book.  Things seemed to work seamlessly.  I made my grocery lists while watching my 8 year old at ninja class, including recipes, then simply print out the page and take it to the store with me.

So how did I start this journal?  I started noticing digital journals on Instagram, and found that artists were using #keynote and #Goodnotes, so I started with Keynote.

Over the years, I’ve had students use keynote and create slideshows, and was amazed at how they were able to navigate through each presentation using links on symbols for page selection.  So after watching a few YouTube tutorials and googling a lot of questions, I came to create my own Keynote Slide show aka Bullet journal.

I then uploaded my keynote PDF to GoodNotes and started writing.  I was able to create clickable tabs, to section out the journal.  I even started a sticker book, which helps me track my layouts and drawings.

I haven't ventured into image stickers yet, but have been playing with Procreate a bit this holiday and hope to be able to create a few fun designs to get me started.

The downside I had was my tools.  I am very fortunate to have been given an IPad mini a few years back, and that paired with a new stylus

I was able to create some amazing layouts.

However, there was a lag to my penmanship and things sometimes looked sloppy, and I had a difficult time lining up corners and lines.

This Christmas I was fortunate enough to recieve a new Ipad Pro and Apple Pen, so Look out 2019! 

I'm headed into the new year with new tools and a positive outlook!

Keeping it up in 2019!  More to come!

Happy New Year!

Friday, August 31, 2018

Welcome to the digital age of August!



I am beginning the process of a starting a digital bullet journal!

This is where the old journal and the new journal have combined.  I call it the merge!  Looking closely, You can barely tell where I wrote originally in my journal, and where I started writing digitally on top of the image of the page!

I began August with my standard journal... however, with school starting, a new baby at home, pumping at work, and trying to keep everything straight.... I didn't have enough room in my bag or mind for my journal, highlighters, stickers, and washi tape....  Though I love them!  So I am shoving everything into my ipad... and let me tell you.... So Far, I love it!

I am slightly obsessed with making new layouts and learning new programs:

All of these programs are amazing and I'm having so much fun!  For those who like my layouts!  You will be able to buy them in my shop in the new year.  If anyone want to beta test them for me:
email me at


I'll be sending out layouts and stickers over the next few months! Hoping to have digital journals, stickers, and layout pages available in the NEW YEAR!

I love learning new things!

Monday, July 2, 2018

It's July Already?!

Time is going by way too fast...  I thought I was short on time before I had 2 kids...

It's now July.  I've had so many post ideas, started at least 3 different posts, only to be interrupted... Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining in any way.  Instead I am choosing to prioritize my time!

My daughter will be 1 month old on Friday!  It seems like we just came home from the hospital, and yet we have come so far.  Last night she was asleep by 10pm and woke up at 6am!  A few whimpers during the night, to which we woke up to change and feed her, only to find her fast asleep when we reached her.  I will take this small triumph.  I did try to take a nap this morning, as she is currently sleeping... however since I got more sleep than usual I find I am mostly awake today and should spend the time sharing some things here.

So, I'm just going to jump into July.  I hope to have some time this month to share a bit more about June.  I find that I am halfway through my maternity leave and already wishing for more time.  The summer has been scheduled (allowing for as much downtime as possible).  It just keeps going by so fast... I just want to enjoy every moment!  July will bring one month of more "free time".  Today my 7 year old starts summer camp, which will give him awesome adventures outside and me a bit more downtime.  June was filled with mastering the entertainment needs of the mighty 7 year old, while balancing the brain drain of a newborn.  More on that later...  I hope...

So Here it is!

JULY!  Fun in the sun, fireworks, watermelon, manicures, birthdays, yoga, Sunday's floating at the Lake, and to finish it off a family vacation to Martha's Vineyard!

This week: focusing on household chores and needs, bills, yard care, finishing up projects and starting new pick up/drop off schedules for my son at summer camp!  Sincewe wake up at 5am, we have been watching a lot of She-Ra... I may be slightly obsessed with rainbows and unicorns at the moment, as I found my daughter all of these things in her wardrobe for the summer and they have merged into my daily planning... oh! and don't forgot the Narwals too!  To see super cute pictures of the baby girls super rocking outfits, checkout my Instagram feed to the right of this blog, or click here!

July is also brought to you by NEW STICKERS!  While out shopping with my dad last week we stopped at Barnes and Nobel to pick up new summer books for the kids and the beach I found these new Stickers!  Stickers by PIPSTICKS AND WORKMAN.  They also include fun retro inspired postcards in the back of each pack!  I love sending postcards and these are the right vibe for summer 2018!  Message me if you want to receive a postcard this summer!