Thursday, April 23, 2020

Another Year, Another New Start?

Here we are again....

Starting work on another project.  Never enough time in the day.  We re all home.  We are all trying to make it.  I am trying to make things.... Work things, Craft things, Home things, Family things.  Trying to make it all work on this tiny laptop.  Maybe I'll find some balance.

Right now things are actually super busy.  I'm working, though my hours have been cut back.  I am creating everyday, I am so thankful for this.  Everyday I am able to make something, a picture, a video, a craft, an activity and more....

To see what kind of things I have been working on check out the ShubertCamp on Instagram.  Or The Shubert Theater Education Page.  I have been creating lots of super fun videos geared to kids, ages 2-14!  We have Story Time, Arts and Crafts activities, Challenges, Backstage Tours and More!

I hope to be able to share everything, but once again I find that I am without enough time.  Working from home, with kids and their homework and schedules, trying to maintain family moral and cleanliness.... I forgot about the amount of dishes that pile up after a full-day home with the family.  Being able to leave the house has never been more appealing... but I don't.  We go for walks, but that's about it.  I have also started sewing again... it's been a long time.  Did you know that I used to make baby blacnkets, and burp clothes, and toys, and costumes for kids?  I was able to stay home once before.... I made my Etsy shop: janiegirlcrafts

When it was suggested that people wear masks I made some for family and donation.

It took me while to make a pettern that I liked and get the right materials.  But I think I finally figured it out.  I also found all of my fabrics and materials from the old days, in the attic from when we moved.  My studio is now a lot smaller, and I share it with the kids but I have my sewing machine out again.

I used to uses these fabrics to make children bedding, skirts, aprons, and more.

Now I make masks.  So far I have made 148 Masks and 10 scrub hats.

It's terrible selling these items, but with both Ben and my hours being cut back we have to make some extra money somehow.

I appreciate everyone who has purchased a mask.  Thanks to you I have been able to donate 75% of the items I have made.  I have been able to buys some more materials with your help, and pay for groceries this week.  I will make masks and caps until I am out of fabric...

ps... has anyone else tried getting fabric... it's hard.

So for now I am going through all of this bright, whimsical, and colorful fabric.  Maybe they will spread some joy to someones day, or make someone feel a little lighter wearing them.

If you have a need for a masks, I will make one for you.  I currently have Metal nose pieces felt "filters" and Elastic available in the shop.  If you need a mask, but cannot afford one I will give them to you.

Sewing daily 6-8am... until I run out of materials or there is no longer a need.  Please everyone, stay home- watch some of my activity videos and play with your kids when you can.  Be safe.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Black and White Digital Stickers

I need 18 more hours to every day.... that no one else can have!

I have 4 different sticker sets started!  I posted this one in my shop a few weeks back!  I use it all the time, this package has great basic options.  

Check this item out in my store! Black and White Sticker Package

 I LOVE these stickers!

They are so basic, yet very helpful!

I started putting together my monthly layouts and really wanted to break up my same old lists look.  I and so excited about the Project sticker!

This month we plan to prep the house for sale, so this sticker will be totally worth it!

I really loved the look  of black and white, with a pop of color!  Last month I posted my Post it note sticker collection:   The Post it note package is Super amazing !  68 individual post it note shaped stickers, including shadow, to make them look like they are jumping off the page, just like real post its!

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Digital items now in stock!

I have been bullet journaling for 2 years now.  I love that I am able to spend time organizing my thoughts and keeping track of all of the things I want to get out of life.  I found that after setting up 3 individual journals, I set up journals for 6 months at a time, that I was spending so much time trying to replicate or create new layouts that I had no time to actually fill in any of the information I was looking to track/record.  One day I came across a digital version of the bullet journal on Instagram, and my mind was blown.

After watching a few tutorials on new programs (keynote, goodnotes, and procreate) MY eyes were opened to a whole new world!  So I started by making myself a 6 month journal and testing my abilities.  I think 6 months into it I've found out a bunch of new information and created a habit in which I can truly dive into.  I love making and drawing, but find that I run out of time, or find the time when I don't have my supplies.  This is where my new iPad Pro has been a wonderful addition to my journaling life, along with my professional one.

Digital journal coming soon! However, I have been able to add my sticker book and now my first set of stickers!

Check out my Etsy Shop Listing:
Digital Post it Note Stickers

I use post it notes all the time in my everyday life.  I use them to the point where i have about 4 different colors- which are selected based on task. Along with about 3 different varieties of size, you never know where you may need to add a note!  I think this comes from my background in stage management and stage organizations, and my love of school supplies.  Having a black white page is lifeless and boring, but adding these digital post it notes added my usual pop of color to my notebook!  This week I chose red in support of Valentine's Day!

I am so happy with the sticker book I created!  I used Keynote to create a clickable PDF, this PDF has 52 clickable pages, including a cover page, 48 linked chapters, to be named as I create new stickers!  IT also includes a clickable index button, back cover including 3 colorful post it notes, and a black page to insert new pages to each chapter.  So far, I'm on chapter 14.  Someday I hope to be able to share this entire book filled with stickers!

White and Grey Digital Sticker Book

Check out this listing is the store!  I am so excited!  New works in progress every day!

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Hello 2019!

Here is to the start of a New Year and a New Book!

The New Year marks the start of a New Bullet Journal.  This time 100% Digital.  As per last year’s first journal entry, it’s time to set my Goals for 2019.

Thank you to my parents for my wonderful Christmas Gift!  I am now the proud user of an iPad Pro and Apple Pen, which have improved my journaling 100%!  I spent every spare second I had over winter break creating a brand new Digital Planner/Bullet Journal.  My son, the 8 year old, saw me writing and asked to try it out.  He created his own coloring book, which I was able to add to his 2nd gen iPad, and he is using my old pen, though he says the apple pen is much nicer.  He has created several pages in is goodnotes book, and loves the chance to use mine when possible.

Looking back at last year’s Goal Layout, I have kept some things the same.  Though this year I’m going to try to keep things simple.  Scale back a bit, and keep the things that make me happy.

Happy New Year!