Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Knitting at Work

I am at work today, like most Tuesdays. This afternoon has been busy but it has finally started to slow down. So I brought out my knitting; my handy dandy bag of tricks. I am working on a pair of booties to match that little white and pink hat for my niece Lila. Projects seem to go faster these days and I am finding I can change the pattern in the book to match what I want the end product to look like. I must say I'm very happy with my current project activity. I wish I could quit working and really start focusing on making cute little things for little ones, or big ones with a little more practice. A few days ago my husband said he was excited to get a homemade sweater, He's got a few more years till he gets one of those. I have made the trips to one of my favorite yarn stores on the planet, Knitting Central in Westport. They have great colors and everything you could need. I would like to find a little store of my own. Oh the time I would waste there.

The idea of doing what one wants to do is so fulfilling. The realization that I need to do what I can is the downer. Instead of going home to sit with my husband, eat dinner, and knit another baby booty I will be going to my second job tonight. I like both of my jobs, and wouldn't it be great if I only had to work one of them... But wouldn't it be better to get paid to do what I want? I real job to strive for?

Maybe when I grow up...