Thursday, October 20, 2011

Continuing the costume parade!


 I can't even express how amazing the last few weeks have been!  I have been walking though a Halloween Wonderland.  I have fallen down the rabbit hole and don't really want to come out.

After finishing up Corduroy, the Big Bad Wolf, and a small Pumpkin Patch I kept the costumes coming.  Last week I was lucky enough to make 3 ghosts, 2 skeletons, the Itsy Bitsy Spider, and 1 Dalmation puppy.

Each story was unique, just like each costume.
Two little girls will be skeletons this year, both about 2 years old, neither of them seem to be big fans of skirts, so this costume was the perfect choice for them.  This costume is made out of Anti-Pill Fleece with felt applicques.  It si warm and cozy.  The mother actually joked about making them for adults.  Maybe Next Year! 

The Itsy Bitsy Spider may have been my favorite this week.  Itsy Bitsy will be another of my featured costumes next year, also available with a black and white spiderweb tutu skirt!  This little spider was paired with his older brother who wanted to be a friendly ghost.  How adorable for a 3 year old, and of course he chose his little brothers spider costume.

This little Dalmation costume was so much fun!  I played with my pattern for my standard pullover style costume.  By adding a simple velcro color I was able to make this super cute collar, which I think is perfect for this little guy.  I recieved a message from a mother who's 3 year old wanted to be a fireman, so she figured the new baby could be his dalmation.  I think this is too cute.  I was actually approached by a few people about making more of these little buddies.
This is too much fun!  11 Days until Halloween! What are you planning to be?

Check back soon for more tricks and treats!