Friday, June 2, 2017


So excited for a new layout this month.  I usually do my journal prep the weekend before a new week; it's a nice check in time, figure out the next week and take some time to draw!  It just so happened that the beginning of this week was a 3 day weekend!  I had extra time to draw and organize the plan for June!

Every month I change my washi tape edge, this helps me designate which pages have specific dates based on the color of the edge.  It's a quick reference for me.  I've recently discovered washi tape ( I know I'm behind....)  Anyway, I found this geometric mint green, coral, gray, black, and white tape that reminds me of Friendship bracelets, and I love friendship bracelets!

June is designated to friendship and creativity!!!
So I made this super bright cover page!

So far, June is just fine!  The weather is turning warmer and I have been able to spend more time outside, which really does help my mindset.  I think it's part of the inspiration this month... be lighter and have fun!  Sometimes I forget about fun!!!
Opposite my hello page I add my monthly work schedule, it's a great way to stay away from checking my schedule electronically, less screen time please!

For my layout this month I changed up my calendar layout to a more traditional Bullet Journal Style, similar to Ryder Carroll's original simple layout.  I did break my lines into columns to help delineate my tasks.  So far in layout it has really been helpful.  I'm able to scan daily appointments or tasks and add into my daily lists.

I won't lie, last month's tracker was intense.... I was tracking far too much.  SO! I simplified my list a bit and added a column for priorities, NOT WORK PRIORITIES!

I was tracking reflection points daily and taking up some space in my weekly journal pages, so this month I created a monthly reflection area.  I think this will help me stay focused, but not bogged down with having to take a minute to reflect every day.  Now when I have a reflection I can write it down in my monthly layout and be able to scan my list much easier.

Beside having to track some upcoming babysitting for my son, since his school is out 3 weeks before mine.... I think I'm ready for June and some Sun!

Happy Journaling!