Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Bullet Journal

So, little did I know that I have actually met and had cocktails, a couple of times, with the creator of the Bullet Journal System: www.bulletjournal.com- Ryder Carroll

So, thank you Ryder, if you ever read this: I am an ex-wife of one of your classmates.  Thank you for reminding me that I can remain analog in a digital world.  I have been reminded of how journaling helps the mind, both find focus and release.

I am an organizer, I know... SURPRISE!  I was just always placed in charge, something about being responsible and friendly.  To the detriment of my friendships and personal time, I somehow end up in charge... sorry.  Anyway, my main system for organizing thoughts have been post it notes.  I found that while living by myself in Louisville, KY in my 20's that I needed gentle reminders: Keys, lunch, brush teeth, etc.  So post-it notes became my system.  Brightly colored paper all over the walls, my desks, the fridge, and mirrors.  Helpful, but a few things.... Post it notes don't travel well from place to place.  So while I remember the tasks before me, the ones that are out of sight, were out of mind.  So while feeling unfocused, and encouraged from a check in session- I decided to start journaling.  Find a way to reflect and organize thoughts...

I spent a couple of weeks writing things down in a journal, a new one from the store with a layout and fun colors.  I ran out of space... everyday.... That's when I ran across the Bullet Journal System , so I started practicing in a journal, just something old I had shoved in a studio drawer, it had both grid lines and blank sections per page.  I found that I was drawn to the gridline, and the ability to easily sketch out a page.  I could embellish with color, though several friends warned that color can become overwhelming, which is true.  I do find that color help me categorize, for those who have seen my calendars, you know what I mean.  They were absolutely right about being overwhelmed at points.

I found that daily pages where great, but I am a planner and like to see planned tasks days ahead.  So I played with some weekly layouts, they seemed to be helpful.  I kept having the feeling of... Holding off/ Not Really Getting Started.  It felt that with all of the thought I was putting forth, the research into different layouts and ways to plan the day that I would find calm.  So, I started...

Today.... Is May 1st!  I am officially using my journal and find it enjoyable, though I'm still obsessing a little.  It is fun!  The goal is to have everything set up for the month, I've been very lucky and been able to schedule a few days off... and boy do I feel better.  I have started organizing my mind, tracking the things that I want to learn more about and enjoy.  Trying to find a positive intention to the days when I feel I have a brain cloud, maybe there's a reason.  So here I go: I hope you like the images.  Maybe I'll start sharing my layouts and progress here.  Probably a better place than all over Instagram/Facebook.  Though I'm sure I'll have some things to share there.  It's nice to be able to draw again, incorporate some daily practices and self care.  Artistic expression is important, now I can incorporate it into my daily life, not just when I have "time".  Felt like sharing my layouts so far! Enjoy!

Searching for Daily Practices...
Happy Journaling!

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