Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Hello August!

It seems the months get busier and busier as they go along.  July was amazing!  I run an amazing summer camp with amazing women and it is the Highlight of my year!  If anyone wants to see what I was up to check out:    More info on that to come and feel free to check out the blog post listed above in my link area at the top of this site!

Now!  Moving on to August.  I find that I am already back to school planning.  Funny how school ran right into camp, now camp runs into school.  I have a few weeks to clean, reset, and prep spaces and programs for the new year.  Busy all the time, honestly, that's how I like it.

This month I decided to change a few things, keeping the simplicity of July's Monthly Layout...
I found I was forgetting to check back to my monthly view for my tracking data.  So this month I will track by the week.  It means I need to leave space for a tracker, and break up some of the simplicity of my layout.  I think I will be able to manage this, as I haven't filled all boxes for a  few weeks.

I also spent a lot of time adding daily trackers, such as water intake and sleep log.  Depending how the rest of the month goes I have have to abandon this plan for the simpler grid trackers, or incorporate them into my weekly tracker.  More to come this month on how well I do with this format.

Summer days are winding down, my garden is producing, and my son is my daily assistant.  Hoping for a little bit of downtime to incorporate a yoga class back into my life, but so far things are looking good for August!

More to come soon....

Happy Journaling!