Monday, January 10, 2011

I Love Making Baby Sets

I had so much fun last week making a gift for a baby shower. Friends of ours are expecting their first child in just a few weeks and besides giving them whatever Max's outgrown, ie diapers, clothes, pacifiers etc, I decided to make them this little set.
The set Includes:
1- 30" x 36" cuddle quilt- cotton, flannel, chenille, and satin.
1- 30" x 36" oversized recieving Blanket
2- 12" x 18" Burp Cloths
I even had enough scrap left to make a tag blanket for the little one. Max just loves his; I like to make them out of high contrasting materials so that they have visual interest for the Little Ones. They also have a variety of textures, I have found that Max plays with his when we are in the car, it's a little treasure fro him to focus on.
I really love making these little sets. I think I have enough fabric to make 4-5 sets, hopefully I'll get started on those this week and I'll be abel to add them to my Etsy site.... COMING SOON.
I'm so excited!