Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Re-Hash

So, If you hadn't guessed Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  Today I took down the last of the decorations.  We hosted a small get together on Halloween.  I didn't get pictures of the entire set up, but I thought I would share some fun things I found.  
Lets start with the Tricks!  Decorations!
 I had a lot of fun with some old ideas!  I made a Happy Halloween Banner, similar to the one I made for my son's first birthday, it was so quick and easy.  Then i found a few sheets of black construction paper and cut bats of all different sizes.  I just taped them all over, the different sizes had the perfect effect.  I hung one of my Balloon Mobiles in the corner, it blended in well with the hanging fans i found at the party store when I was looking for a witches hat for my costume. 

My favorite decorations where these pre-printed adhesive stickers I found.  These were so simple, I had some Ball jars that I use for storing applesauce and jams during the winter.  Paired with some bottles from the recycling bin and I had perfect and easy decorations.  Another of my favorites is straight from my childhood.  I purchased dumdums as treats, and just like my first grade teacher taught me, I rapped them in tissue and drew faces.  Add some ribbon and ghosties flew thought the air.

Now it's time for treats!

Growing up my mom went all out for Halloween!  Why would my house be different.  We had selections of toys and candy, I'm a bit of a traditionalists, so Hershey's bars and Reese's Peanut butter cups were paired with bags of Domino's and playdoh.  It was so fun to see kids trying to pick what they wanted! 

I even had a few extra toys for the kids at the party, however I think some of the dads had more fun with these goodies.

No party would be complete without cupcakes.  This year I took all the glop from the pumpkins and turned them into Pumpkin Cupcakes, paired with No-Bake Spiderweb cheesecakes.  The party was a success.

I can't wait till next year!