Saturday, February 16, 2019

Digital items now in stock!

I have been bullet journaling for 2 years now.  I love that I am able to spend time organizing my thoughts and keeping track of all of the things I want to get out of life.  I found that after setting up 3 individual journals, I set up journals for 6 months at a time, that I was spending so much time trying to replicate or create new layouts that I had no time to actually fill in any of the information I was looking to track/record.  One day I came across a digital version of the bullet journal on Instagram, and my mind was blown.

After watching a few tutorials on new programs (keynote, goodnotes, and procreate) MY eyes were opened to a whole new world!  So I started by making myself a 6 month journal and testing my abilities.  I think 6 months into it I've found out a bunch of new information and created a habit in which I can truly dive into.  I love making and drawing, but find that I run out of time, or find the time when I don't have my supplies.  This is where my new iPad Pro has been a wonderful addition to my journaling life, along with my professional one.

Digital journal coming soon! However, I have been able to add my sticker book and now my first set of stickers!

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Digital Post it Note Stickers

I use post it notes all the time in my everyday life.  I use them to the point where i have about 4 different colors- which are selected based on task. Along with about 3 different varieties of size, you never know where you may need to add a note!  I think this comes from my background in stage management and stage organizations, and my love of school supplies.  Having a black white page is lifeless and boring, but adding these digital post it notes added my usual pop of color to my notebook!  This week I chose red in support of Valentine's Day!

I am so happy with the sticker book I created!  I used Keynote to create a clickable PDF, this PDF has 52 clickable pages, including a cover page, 48 linked chapters, to be named as I create new stickers!  IT also includes a clickable index button, back cover including 3 colorful post it notes, and a black page to insert new pages to each chapter.  So far, I'm on chapter 14.  Someday I hope to be able to share this entire book filled with stickers!

White and Grey Digital Sticker Book

Check out this listing is the store!  I am so excited!  New works in progress every day!