Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The House with the Purple Doors

Did you know that sometimes inspiration can come from the simplest thing.  I spent the last week visiting my mother in law.  She is a delightful and very bright woman who spends her summer in the House with the Purple Doors.  Upon our arrival my mother in law decided that the doors looked a little sad and needed some work.  I jumped at the chance to do a little house painting.  After a few hours scrapping and a few coats of paint she had 3 beautiful, bright and cheery doors again.  I got so involved in the house work that I painted her hallway wall Blue as well. 
Once my tasks were over I couldn't stop thinking of the Purple Doors and how sweet and caring they looked.  I have never been a fan of Purple, I rarely use it, or wear it for that matter.  I found myself thinking of these purple doors and so I decided to knit a hat.  I thought that Cupcakes are sweet and that pairing them with some Violets might just work.  I have also started 2 more hats that have flower motifs.  Photos coming soon. 

Oh, and lets just say that I found a purple yarn that looks like it jumped off my mother in laws door and landed on a hat!  Hooray for inspiration!

Hats and patterns available this fall.  Check back, or check out:

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