Friday, August 26, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

The ball is still rolling... and rolling... and rolling...

I was lucky enough to have two more custom orders this week!  The first one was a lot of fun, designing a mobile set for a 1st grade class.  I worked with the teacher to create this one of a kind set.  She redesigned her room this year using a new theme, Dots on Turquoise, I was inspired by this new source and I love the idea that smiling faces will see this mobile everyday.  I hope it brings some imagination and whimsy to their day. 

While working on this design I had to rework my Paper Lantern Mobile.  She requested an odd set of lanterns on each mobile and she really liked the birch mount that I use.  I started working on a few new ideas and then I had the brainstorm.  The new Mini Paper Lantern Mobile has the same charm and ease as the original, just a new outlook.

My second order was a custom gift set for a new baby girl.  The woman who ordered mentioned this was for a "grandma party".  Apparently a woman at her office became a grandmother and everyone threw her a party for the essentials every grandma needs at their house.   I'd never heard of this before, how fun.  She picked out the polka dot fabric from my stock and said she wanted a blanket, burp cloth and wrist rattle.  It's fun to mix and match new fabrics.  Her coworker had a granddaughter, but the client wanted to keep thing gender neutral in case of more grandchildren.  I love using blues for girls designs, I find as long as I keep the pattern organic and free flowing it looks feminine and tough at the same time.


Then it was time for a little fun.  Felt Monster Toy Set   I've been thinking about these monsters for a long time.  Ever since I made my first toy, a large stuffed octopus.  Dot came next, then a few rattles and such.  This project has been in my head for as long as I have wanted to make items for kids.  I decided Max should have a Monster Mash birthday party this year.  He's turning one, he's my monster, and who knows if I'll ever get to pick another theme again.  So I'm running with it.  We will be celebrating next weekend, pictures of all of the festivities to come soon, well pictures of all the goodies anyway.  Thanks for stopping in. 


Check back soon. Halloween may be coming early to janiegirlcrafts.

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