Friday, August 19, 2011

What a day!

Some people may be aware that I was recently offered a part time job out of the house.  This morning I decided not to take this job and work from home instead.

I came to my decision last night and decided to sleep on it one more night and respond this morning.  As I was about to respond to the offer I received an order for a Custom Paper Lantern Balloon Mobile.

I jumped up and down with excitement, the order needed to be filled and mailed today.  A rush job.  Before starting I sent a response to my would be boss, in which he replied, "Bummer".  Then seconds later I received a second order Custom Lighted Paper Lantern Mobile.

It was like I had been sent an invisible letter saying, "If you respond to 7 people within the next 24 hours fortune will smile upon you."

Fortune smiled upon me today and I wanted to share with you.  Speaking of sharing here are my two new items.

Oh yeah, I was supposed to have something on my needles to share today.  Well, that's something that is still on my list.  My life almost changed this week; well I guess it kind of did.  I made the decision to stay at home with Max, and make my dreams.  I hope you like them.