Saturday, August 27, 2011

H.A.L.L.O.W.E.E.N. Spells Halloween!

I find that inspiration comes in the most unlikely places.  The pure mention of Halloween sends me into a tizzy.  It might just be my favorite holiday, next to Christmas that is.  Walking though the grocery store this week made me start thinking about ghouls, ghosts, fun, and childhood. 

This year Max will be one and we will have our first Trick or Treat in the new neighborhood.  Last year I made Max his very first costume, this Pumpkin Costume.  Let's just say it was way too big for my 2 month old son.  Well it fits just fine now, with the addition of a new, bigger, hat, click here for original post Max's First Halloween. Well, yesterday I made a new hat and then I just kept on going.  I had some leftover white fleece from a project about a year ago.  I just so happened to be channeling my ghoulish self.  So much that I made this new Ghost Costume.

Keeping with the the theme of Halloween.  Last week I started making a few new items. Those cute Monsters from the last blog, well I was making toys and I just kept on going.  Let's just say they were a huge hit with Max, who is teething like a banshee these days.  He was rotating between chewing, shaking(they are rattles), and kicking them.  When I took them away to photograph them he was not too happy about it.  They were soon returned with a new trick or treat bag to hold them all together.  I have a feeling these are going to go everywhere with us over the next 2 months. 

Well, I guess if we are working backwards today I should end with this item.  Last week's orders wiped me out of certain lantern colors, so I had to order more.  So I took a chance and ordered Black.  Not a usual choice for me, but I think it looks amazing in this Halloween Inspired Balloon Mobile.  All items listed in this blog post are available at my ETSY shop.  Click any link to start shopping.

Have I mentioned I love Halloween?  See you soon! Pleasant Nightmares....

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