Sunday, June 5, 2011

janiegirl, interrupted

So, janiegirlcrafts is going on hold... I wish I was headed on an amazing vacation I could share with everyone.  No Vacation here, just full time work ahead.

For the past four years I have worked for the International Festival of Arts & Ideas on the Green in downtown New Haven.  There are free events on the Green, food tastings, tours, plays, productions and more.  Check out the site:

Unfortunately, this also means that I will be on the Green from 8am-10pm most days.  I will have a few days off, to go to a wedding, but pretty  much you can find me on the Green.  I'm not really complaining, I get to hear lots of great music, work with great people, and still share art with the masses.  Actually a lot more people will participate in the Festival than will check out this website.

After this post janiegirlcrafts is going on hold.  Etsy Store and blog will reopen in July, so don't fret.  This is not a goodbye, just a, I'll see you soon.

Oh, since I won't have the chance to bake for a while I made Lemon Cupcakes yesterday.

Stay Sweet while I'm away.

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