Friday, December 3, 2010

Little loves for Little Hands

I have come to the realization that Max likes to hold things... This is a good thing, he is working on his motor skills. He will grab hold of something and shake it... usually ending when he shakes the thing into his head. Currently his item of choice has been this rattle. He has found he can hold it and shake it to make lots of noise. I like this; it means I can leave him in his pack n play and go about my business cleaning, doing laundry, whatever needs done. However when I'm in the middle of a task inevitably I hear the vicious rattling then an abrupt stop followed by crying... Max has hit himself in the head again...

So I made these: Soft little rattles that he can shake all he wants. Today I was working on a project, I could hear the shaking, followed by nothing. When I went to check on Max he was smashing the soft moster into his cheek, happy as can be.

I had another idea for fingure puppets... so far they are pretty cute!

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