Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Knitting Max to Sleep

This Christmas is different from every Christmas that has come before. This year I have Max. Max has filled me with such love and imagination I have found myself diving into projects and enjoying them more than I ever could have imagined.

One thing that I love more than anything is Knitting Max to Sleep. Max and I spend all day together and we have found a wondeful rhythm to life. Every three hours or so Max wants to Nap. Well, he gets fussy and I decide it's naptime. I wrap him in his nap blanketI a lovely gift from our friend KJ), give him a pacifier, and we sit down to knit in the nursery. After a few minutes Max settles down and watches my needles work, then before I finish a row he has usually fallen alseep. Sometimes I put him down, sometimes I am content to sit and knit while we rock for an hour. I find this my favorite time of the day. I love nap time and thanks to naptime I have finished all of my Christmas Knitting, and thrown in a few extra projects for fun.

Thank you Max.

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