Monday, November 1, 2010

Lizzie's First Projects

I am a proud AUNT! I meant to put these pictures up Months ago, but then I found myself pregnant and lost all train of thought.

So I started out when I found some really bright fabric and mixed them all together to create a small quilt. It fits her crib and is backed in a soft flannel. I made all of this back in the spring, and gave them to her when she was born in May.

Using bits of fabric I trimmed out the edges of a few Burp Cloths (cloth diapers).

Rattle Mobile
Each of these little animals are little rattles. I have been told that Lizzie just loves looking at them over her changing table. I picked them to match the mural in her room (I painted last Christmas before she was born.) So combining the colors from her room with the colors her parents picked I out all of these things together and I hear they have all turned out to be a hit. A great starting point for more projects.

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