Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Nursery!

The Nursery is all but finished; I just need a baby and a name. We have gone thru a couple of revisions and I still plan to paint large 3D letters spelling his name, once we figure it out! We had a lot of fun with this room. I decided I would be spending a lot of time here and that I should make a room I was happy in. I made almost everything: bedding set, diaper storage bag, laundry bag, alphabet art by chair, lantern mobile by chair, and paintings over changing table. I can't believe in about a week this room will be occupied!

Mary Jane Smith made us this piece, she saw all of the monster fabric and UglyDolls and was inspired. I really love this piece; check out some of Mary Jane's artwork at: Then While out and about we found this wondeful drawing of Monsters! I guess you can tell we are planning for our own little monster.

1 comment:

  1. What a happy, beautiful room! You won't even mind sitting in it at 2:00 AM! I'd never want to go anywhere else, and I'm sure your little monster will be so blessed and happy in his special place.

    PS Thanks for the shout out!