Tuesday, May 9, 2017


I think tuning a layout it such a great feeling!

For me tuning a layout is calming, I find taking the time to look back and reflect is one of the best attributes to the Bullet Journal system.  As a person who needs systems to operate, it is so helpful being able to look back and track what happens each day.  To look at what I eat, what I do, and how I spend my time is helpful for my mind.  

Release has always been an issue for me, I hold onto things, feelings, ideas, tasks, always thinking of what I could have done.  So journaling, specifically Bullet Journaling has become a huge help for me in my life.  Whether a task, event, or feeling; once written down and crossed off can be forgotten.

I use my journal throughout the day, I take it with me wherever I go, I found a few things from last weeks layout.  I had lots of space per day, which was great, I could input my lists and not feel pressured to make them fit into a specific spot on the page.  The downside was that I had so much extra room some days that I felt I needed to fill things in...put a sticker, draw something, color.  While this was some days fun and a great way to relax, on busy days I forgot or just rushed through whatever I was doing to just get it done.  So, I slimmed down this weeks layout, combining it all onto one page, which freed ups some space.  Here's a picture of last weeks completed journal pages.

The other issue I was having with last weeks system was that I had 2 full pages for my weekly schedule that I had a whole 3rd page designated as DUMP.  Which is a place I can dump my more specific lists, which are usually on post its.  Example:  I get to work and I fill out a post it note with all the tasks I have to accomplish, then put it in the book so I can reference it as the day goes on.  I found referencing the DUMP page an issue, because it wasn't on my weekly page layout.  I ended up completely ignoring the lists I had made by the end of the week.  So this week I added sections to place my post it notes.  Figuring out a way to incorporate both my system of journaling with post it organization together.  Here's this weeks new layout.


So far I really like this set up.  I'm excited to see how the rest of the week goes!

Side Note!
Ever week I have had dozens of children come into my office for various reasons, this week 6 have asked specifically about organization tips (one of my students actually started using my post it system- however, she only had yellow post its.... so she wrote a color on the top of each to help her mind designate categories.... to each their own)  Anyway, this morning a Freshmen came in and saw me updating my lists in my journal.  Her eyes got big (she is a stage Manager in Training with a love of books and school supplies). She asked where I got my journal, so I thought I'd share here too.

I've been using the Multicolor Paint Splatter Dot Grid Journal from Diary Journal Book  I love the cover design, specifically the colors and size of this journal.  It's no thicker than a magazine and the paperback cover is way lighter than the hard copy journals.  I added my own Pen Holder with some Washi Tape (which I just discovered!!!!!+).  The only really drawback is the pages are a bit thin.  I use Straedtler pens and Stabilo or Sharpie Highlighters and they do seep through if I'm not careful.

For more info on the Bullet Journal System, check out www.bulletjournal.com, Thanks again Ryder Carroll

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