Tuesday, January 24, 2012

No rest for the weary...

Once again this month I bring another Purple story.  I'm still not sure anyone is actually reads my little rants, this month about purple,  Oh well.  Here goes nothing...

So far your are aware that Purple has now entered my color pallette and that I have already learned so much about my business and myself this year.  Well, I have to admit a few new items poped into existance during the past few weeks that are sticking around as well.  They just happen to be purple.

  I have been approached by a few mothers who are holding birthday parties at venues with high ceilings. They have been interested in ordering mobiles but have no place to hang them, so here is my answer! Paper Lantern Flower Bouquets with coordinating Chair and Table Decorations.

Bright, Fun, and Whimsical Paper Lantern Flower Bouquets and Table decorations are great for any nursery, birthday party or special someone. These bouquets are a great addition to children's birthday party. If you have a venue with high ceilings these arrangements are a great way to add color, height, and whimsy without the need to hang. Spruce up the head table with one or two arrangements and add intant color. Bonus, give away each "flower" to a guest and they can use it like a wand or place it in a glass at home to remember the occasion. Use the ball jar for leftover candy or keepsakes from the party. Another mother was looking for a way to designate the head table, so adding a simple lantern in the birthday girls favorite color to the back of the chairs was a great response.

So I finally posted these additional items and so far the response is slight but positive.  It was funny the day I posted these items my husband came home from work, opened the door, took one look at the dinning room table and said, "Photoshoot?"  I guess he's beginning to understand, sometime I have to take a little bit of time and set up a shot.  But sometimes Max wakes us an hour early and I still need time to clean up.

Ain't learning grand?

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