Thursday, December 1, 2011

Starting a new Tradition!


The week or so before Thanksgiving I was asked to make a custom Christmas Bag for a little girl. Her mother had seen my Reversible Santa Sack on Etsy, and wanted to make something special for her little one. After discussing fabric styles and sharing a few examples we decided on a style and I started sewing. I finished up yesterday and loved it so much, and have enough fabric leftover, that I have decided to add them to my shop selection this year. If you are interested in this or a similar item, check out the info on this Christmas Bag!

I think I will make Max his very own bag as well, one bag filled with all of his toys.  I think these are great addition to our family's  Holiday traditions.  Oh and as a bonus to me, I won't have to pick up a bunch or wrapping paper this year.
Maybe I'll make one for Charlie as well?


  1. That surger has been hard at work!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag, and will need to apprentice with you to determine how to make my own. xo

  2. Wait till you see Max's, it's another version of this sack. Photos to come as soon as I'm done sewing it. In about an hour.... back to work!