Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What ever happened to Thanksgiving?

I am usually that person who is first to comment on the Arrival of Seasonal Christmas items before Halloween.  Well I am not that bad; I did however skip Thanksgiving!

I have been hit with inspiration, funny how it happens.  Maybe it was all the mid day viewings of The Nightmare Before Christmas while sewing Halloween Costumes.

I am so excited to announce Christmas Items are now available in my shop.

I think the items I am most excited about feature this Candy Cane Fabric.   So, Monday I ran out of fleece after making some new hats, so I ran out to the store and found the striped candy cane fabric and I had the idea to make a twirly skirt.  I've never really made skirts before, since I have a boy.  I guess I tried to make a tutu skirt for my niece Lila, it isn't so much a tutu as a ballet wrap.  I didn't even think about gathering last time.  I'm not sure why these skirts became so important.  I guess I was ready to learn something new, and run with it.  I had the idea of little girls going out to sing Christmas Carols or Sit on Santa's lap. 

I love the movie All I Want for Christmas. For anyone not familiar with the movie is stars a little Thora Birch, she is such a lady, I envision this as she walks to Macy's to see Santa in her Patton leather shoes.  Well,  I absolutely love this selection.  That paired with Santa's Little Helper Costume, with Matching Santa Sack.

I love using our Santa Sack.  We travel from Connecticut to Maine to Iowa every Christmas and I always end up misplacing a present.  A few years ago I discovered a ripstop Santa sack for a dollar.  It was great!  It didn't last very long.  So I had the idea, so last year as I wrapped presents I threw them into the appropriate Families sack and no need to remember so I forgot about them.  When it was time to leave, we threw the sack in the backseat and drove away.  It's going to be fun this year, now that the kids in the family are a bit older, having the Santa Sack Magically appear under the tree on Christmas Morning.  Just like Santa left it for them.

So, I started with a drop waist Red Tutu, that turned into a Santa Costume.  Then I had the urge to make an Elf Costume.  So I made this reversible green with White polka dot wrap skirt, with Tulle/ Cotton.  
 I still have a few ideas, but it's time to move onto filling some orders.  I have a lot of knitting ahead of me this season.  Let's just say I'm getting behind.  Oh well, I love these projects and I'm pretty sure my nieces will be getting one or two skirts for Christmas this year. 
Don't worry about Max, he'll have plenty of presents, however the urge to throw a skirt on him to take pictures on a live body is huge.  Well, I'll see my nieces in the next few weeks so updated photos coming soon!

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