Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's time to start the Costume Parade!

This month has been very exciting, and it's only the 11th!  After moving, getting settled in, and finding time to get back into any kind of rhythm.  I now find myself in my new shop, working as fast as I can!  So after a brief absence from blogging, I think I am back, with lots of goodies to share!

 September 26th I started sewing, and sewing, and sewing... lets fast forward to now.  Today is October 11.  To date I have made 5 Pumpkin costumes, 1 Corduroy the Bear, and One Big Bad Wolf.  I have had the time of my life.  I never imagined I would have so many orders last month when I posted my 3 little costumes.  To my surprise I have been asked to make cute custom costumes as well as all three of my listed costumes, and the orders keep coming.  It looks like I've hit the ball rolling, and so far I haven't fallen off. 

Some of the custom requests will be added to my inventory for next year.  So far my favorite has been the Big Bad Wolf!  I received a request from a woman who's 3 yr old daughter is going to be Little Red Riding Hood and her 6 month old son is the Big Bad Wolf.  I think this is the most adorable pairing.  Next year I will be featuring this costume along with a Little Red Riding Hood Costume.  I just love them!

I have a few more surprises up my sleeves in the next two weeks.  As Halloween is fast approaching, many more things are in line to be created!

I hope you check back soon!


  1. Where did you get the awesome mannequins?

  2. I got the mannequins at: http://www.buystoreshelving.com/flexible_kid_mannequins/index.htm?tp=CONTINUE+SHOPPING

    I got the 6m, 1-2 year and 3yr. I was only going to get one, then I recieved so many costume orders i could buy all three. It has been amaxing being able to work on a body... and stick pins in them. They have helped a lot with the actual design of my costumes.