Saturday, October 22, 2011

I just had to share! it's been a busy week!

Finishing up my last costume orders for Halloween, 2011.

Today I finished this little number. I never realized how fun little girl costumes are. I will feature Tinkerbell, also available in a variety of fairy colors, next year along with Little Red Riding Hood. I have a few more ideas, but those will stay a surprise... until next year!


One more Pumpkin this week.  Oh and this is so cute, I made two little ghost costumes for twins this week.  I couldn't be happier with my original designs this year. They actually fared better than expected!

There was a little bit of the regular thrown in this week.  Both orders show a new take on some old ideas. 

First, I made my signature Lighted Paper Lantern Mobile only in a Mini Size!  This turned out so cute, and about 1/3 smaller than the original. 

The second order was such a delight.  I made 2 matching mobiles for twin birthday parties!  The new spin is using large colored center lanterns instead of the standard white.  I think this is such fun.  I never would have guessed, when I made Max a lantern mobile for his nursery that they would become so popular. 

I really have so much fun with these mobiles.  You would think doing the same design over and over would get boring.  So not true.  Every time I get an order it is filled with new hope, love and not to mention color!  I get a glimpse of a little ones new environment.  Sometimes I am lucky and get sneak peaks at bedding and decor. 

I am excited to announce that you can now get my standard Paper Lantern Mobile with a colored center lantern.  Check out my shop for all available colors!

Make sure you check back soon for more exciting news, and new designs in November!

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