Monday, April 26, 2010

Nursery Update!

I started this quilt a few months ago, before I knew we were having a boy, so I put it on hold. Well today I finished it! I finally just put it all together and finshed the back in a very soft flannel. I am very proud of this quilt. This is my very first quilt ever, and I think it turned out perfectly. So this afternoon I was on the phone with my mom and doing laundry and I had some leftover pieces so while I was on the phone I put together this bedskirt to match. I just have to make the curtains and I'll be all set!

I also got really great news today! The dresser came in to the store and was ready for pick up. Charlie was wonderful and picked up the 150lb dresser in the rain and brought it home. We put the dresser in the nursery and spent some time re-arranging. I'm sure we will move things round a few more times once we get everything together.

We did decide that we will be using the plane lamp as the nightlight in out little boys room. I think it is perfect!



  1. That plane lamp is so cool! And your quilt is fabulous!


  2. and there's still room for a changing table next to the closet!