Monday, March 29, 2010

Finding Time

Whenever I feel as if my life is finally slowing down and becoming manageable I find that I loose control of everything. After finding out we were pregnant I decided to take things a little slower and enjoy the experience. I had decided I would work; I am currently designing three productions at a couple of local schools from now till June. Then maybe I would work a few weeks during June at a scaled back position at my last summer job. Then out of the blue I got a promotion. Now I will be designing 3 shows and working full/part time at my summer job thru July 23. That only gives me one month to get my systems in order and the nursery set up before the baby arrives on August 27. I'm sure I can handle everything and that it will be good for me to be active thru the entirety of my pregnancy. I just have to tell myself that I won't be working for awhile and that I should enjoy every minute of it before the baby is born.
So sadly thru the last month my crafting has slowed down and I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to get everything I wanted to get down for the baby accomplished. I have made my lists and I will stick to them. I have found that I have developed Pregnant Brain and I tend to forget of find difficulty in staying motivated or awake. But so far I am still able to work on little things here and there. My husband and I took a road trip to Florida last week to see family and I am pleased to say that I finally started my first baby sweater. Right now it looks like a bib or a cover to a turkey, but hopefully It will get finished before the baby arrives. However I won't need it until November, I pretty sure once the baby comes I won't have anytime to knit or enjoy it if I do. But here is my progress so far.

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